What is fencing?

Fencing is a combat sport derived from dueling. Fencing is one of four sports that have been at every modern Olympics. There are three different weapons, each with their own unique rule set.

What are the different weapons?

There’s épée, foil, and sabre! Épée is the heaviest of the three weapons, and it uses the tip to score. The entire body is target and it is the only weapon that allows for touches to be awarded simultaneously to both fencers. In foil, only the torso is valid target, and like épée, foil also uses the tip to score. Foil is the most commonly fenced weapon in competition. Both foil and sabre have “right of way”, so only one fencer can score at a time. Sabre is the only weapon that uses the side of the blade to score, and the torso, arms, and head are all valid target. After an introductory course, most fencers choose to focus on one weapon. Foil, sabre, and épée’s target areas are picture below.

Who can fence?

ANYONE. Fencing is an incredibly inclusive sport and we are proud to carry on the spirit of equality. Our group classes are available from age 7 onwards; but we are willing to work with children as young as 4, provided they have the energy and motivation. It’s never too late to start fencing! Our oldest beginner was 71 years old and our oldest fencer is currently 77! Fencing is a multi-generational sport that we are proud to celebrate at Orion. In addition to youth and adult classes, we also offer adaptive fencing! We have an in club wheelchair rig for fencing for those who are para-athletes. We’re excited to work with athletes of all ages, abilities, and experience!

What do I need to start fencing?

Sneakers, knee-length (minimum) workout pants, and a willingness to learn.

When can I start fencing?

Whenever you want! Contact us to set up a free intro lesson!